5th December – Josie Long and Ralegh Long

A day of sad Christmas Songs.

Josie and Ralegh are not related and this happened quite by accident. I only noticed they I had put together two people with the same surname a few days ago.

I like Ralegh’s songs because he doesn’t throw chords together in that easy indie manner. The parts of his songs fit together awkwardly and the music takes you somewhere. They’ve all been great but this is my favourite of the xmas downloads so far.

Here is Ralegh himself on his song.

“I think it was Robert Lowell who said there’s no poetry without sentiment. Christmas songs come fully loaded with it. I wanted to tackle that head on, doctor to try and write in a sentimental mode but also say something honest. Thing is, viagra buy while we often think of ‘sentiment’ and ‘honesty’ in music as diametrically opposed, they’re really part of the same circle. I find the most interesting things arise in the place where they meet.

‘Sprawl’ is available to download now from http://raleghlong.bandcamp.com
Ralegh Long – Christmas Eve

You may well know Josie Long already but not as a musician.

She is a fearless, natural comedian, writer and broadcaster. I knew he via friends but really got to know her on a long drive down to Eastbourne. She is charming, generous and fiercely intelligent company and I’m always in awe when I meet her.

Josie’s song, to me, is quite serious though she tickles your ribs right at the end. – Darren Hayman

Josie Long – I Wish That I Was Someone Else This Christmas