2nd December – Paul Hawkins and DJ Downfall

Two more completely festive treats from Darren Hayman and Fika.

There’s nothing that connects Paul and Deej other than I thought that Paul might be able to play a younger Deej in a movie of his life, recipe but not necessarily vice versa.

The Xmas-ness of Deej’s song escapes me although there are sleigh bells and it’s a xmas present to you.

Paul Hawkins and the Bleak Midwinters – Tonight I Will Be Santa

Paul Hawkins & The Bleak Midwinters are Paul Hawkins of Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences, order his bandmate Ian Button and Mary Boeker, who usually sings with the Empty Gestures & the Count of Chateau Noir. “Tonight I Will Be Santa” involves a man breaking into a woman’s house on Christmas Eve and claiming to be Santa. Understandably she’s not entirely convinced by this and the song goes from there. Paul Hawkins & the Awkward Silences’ most recent EP “The Wrong Life” is available from Audio Antihero records and their two previous albums are available from Jezusfactory.com.

DJ Downfall – Ooh Ahh… Just A Little Bit

Written by Simon Tauber & Steve Rodway


John Downfall has this to say…

“A spring as charming as any in the last… full employment then, of course… all woman… so much woman… clipped by Sweden!… the curse again… rigged… marvellous performance… simply marvellous… packed house… tramped the South Downs the next day… summer just endless, but eternal… never had it so good…. oh, and Ireland…. they always do, don’t they… champagne instead of cava… not the same thing at all, no… oh, and Croatia…. rubbish…. bloc voting… her hands on the steering wheel… that dress… lasted past October, then wilted… scalding hot, wasn’t she?…. first Christmas away from home… hearing the floorboards creak… covered in needles… SCALDING hot… “infinitely poorer if it wasn’t for you”… under canvas… Portugal!… they do a lovely PX though.. the gleam of the baubles in your eye… so much woman!… full employment… still using cassettes… nostalgia… nonsense… bullshit… desire… recording… brandy… memories. xx”

One thought on “2nd December – Paul Hawkins and DJ Downfall

  1. Darren –

    I still get email on the Yahoo group (as “Pearlstein” , but my last name is “Brandon” now, to be sure.)

    Anyway –

    Amazing project so far.

    I really dig Paul Hawkins’ work. I’ve been slowly amassing his records (I found him online whilst scoping out bands a few years back).

    Two ace tunes already. I know the whole shebang is going to be a killer, just like your January Songs.

    I dig the workaholic in you. it’s inspiring.

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