Christmas In Haworth Advent Calendar

Happy Christmas! We made it: twenty-four days, information pills sixty songs, and three videos, cheapest two short stories and one mixtape.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the advent calendar as much as I have – it has been great fun getting old friends involved and introducing their music to Darren and yourselves, and a huge pleasure in getting to listen to and discover the artists Darren has selected. Thanks to you all!
In case you missed anyone, here’s a quick index of who featured when (click on the date to go straight to the page).

All the tracks will stay available to stream and to download from the site for a while longer. At some point in the new year, I may package them all up into a nice easy download, but in the meantime, God Jul and have a happy new year!
Tom/Fika Recordings

1st December
The Wave Pictures and Darren Hayman Christmas Blues
Darren Hayman and The Wave Pictures Blue Christmas

2nd December
Paul Hawkins and the Bleak Midwinters Tonight I Will Be Santa
DJ Downfall Ooh Ah Just A Little Bit

3rd December
Lost Summer Kitten Jullåten
Stars In Coma Three Days Off
Lisa Bouvier Christmas Rain

4th December
Owl & Mouse Sandwich Day
Gavin Osborn Feels Like Christmas

5th December
Ralegh Long Christmas Eve
Josie Long I Wish That I Was Someone Else This Christmas

6th December
Slottet A Cold Christmas
MJ Hibbett & The Validators Thank Goodness For Christmas

7th December
David Tattersall Yes! Jesus Loves Me
Jeff Mellin Ain’t That A Rockin’ All Night
The Werewandas I Love You Santa Claus
World Of Fox ft Clair Horton Xmas Wrappin’
Meow Meow This Christmas
Coming Soon Last Christmas
Freschard Bad Year

8th December
The Mountain Parade Salvation Army Band
Two Fingers Of Firewater Douglas Fir

9th December
Enderby’s Room At Christmas Part One
Thirty Pounds Of Bone You Can’t Break Up At Christmas

10th December
Papernut Cambridge 93 Million and 1
Wooden Walls Winter’s Not So Long
Natalie Hudson The Bet

11th December
Les Étoiles Silent Night
Petter Seander How I Feel For It
Monster Bobby Silent Night

12th December
Rotifer December 12 2021
Yucca At Christmas Part Two

13th December
Moustache Of Insanity Jingle Moustache
Ardie Collins Happy Christmas, I Suppose

14th December
Emma Kupa Channuka
The Dream Of Horses Dress It Up In Tinsel

15th December
The Hardy Tree The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath
Dave Watkins Snowman Parts One and Two

16th December
The Near Jazz Experience We Freak Kings
The Understudies Midnight Mass

17th December
Bill Botting Mulled Wine
Bill Botting Acting Without Acting
Tigercats Santa Claus

18th December
Pete Astor Christmas Time
Winter Cabin Winter All Ove The World

19th December
Ballboy Merry Christmas To The Drunks, Merry Christmas To The Lovers
Cosines Winter A-Go-Go

20th December
Airport Girl Glitterball
Homescience (Drive A…) Snowplough Through Your Heart
Simon Love Santa Claus
The Butterflies Of Love Let It Snow
Scared To Dance Christmas Mix

21st December
Red Shoe Diaries San Francisco Snowglobe
We Show Up On Radar We’re Working Too Hard

22nd December
Jack Hayter The Anti-Santa
Travis Elborough vs Alexander’s Festival Hall Carol Of The Bowls
Alexander’s Festival Hall featuring The Birthday Girl Hey Santa Black Snow

23rd December
Benjamin Shaw and Fighting Kites This Christmas (I Just Want To Be Left Alone)
Broken Shoulder Stiller Night
Nosferatu D2 It’s Christmas Time (For God’s Sake)

24th December
Helen Arney & Paul Richards Never Built A Snowman
Helen Atkinson You Look Like Christmas
Darren Hayman January Sales

Download the entire advent calendar here.