19th December – Ballboy and Cosines

Let the lights flicker, ed let your heart flutter. Here comes Gordon from Ballboy and a piece of festive prettiness. It’s called ‘Merry Christmas to the Drunk, Merry Christmas to the Lovers’ which is apt because I’m still half cut whilst writing this.

Katie plays the piano.

Ballboy – Merry Christmas To The Drunks, Merry Christmas To The Lovers

Cosines give us their cover of Yo La Tengo’s Winter A-Go-Go

Simon and Alice met on the London Underground after a Stereo Totale
gig in 2009, two days later Simon was round Alice’s house unblocking
her kitchen drain.  Since then Simon has been round and put up two
curtain rails, a blind and a shelf.  When they are not doing DIY they
like to talk Beach Boys and analogue synths and occasionally play
music together abley assisted by Dan and Jonny.

The band are quietly working on new material and have a show pencilled
in for the 14th April at the Buffalo Bar.

Cosines – Winter A-Go-Go