12th December – Rotifer and Yucca

I play bass with Rotifer, stomach but not on this. Rotifer have a new album out on Edwyn Collin’s AED records and produced by Wreckless Eric. Let’s let Robert explain his song. – Darren

Robert Rotifer: Guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion, Elgam Carousel
Written by Robert Rotifer
Mixed and recorded by Ian Button


Rotifer – December 12 2021

I’ve got a morbid fascination with Bluewater Shopping Centre, I love the way it’s such a blown-up Potemkin village, and it’s got the closest John Lewis to where I live. I was there shopping for a clothes rail recently. The whole place now feels like a desperate attempt to reenact the bygone boom times, and it made me wonder what it will all look like when the pretence collapses. Bluewater was only opened in 1999 and will make an interesting ruin. I decided to write my song about two young lovers in the shopping mall ten years from now when the decline of Western capitalism will have run its course. – Robert Rotifer

Yucca is Jacob Mayfield, brother of Dan from Enderby’s Room and the Secondary Modern. Jacob is also half of Victoria and Jacob. – Darren

Following on from Enderby’s Room’s ‘At Christmas Part One’, ‘At Christmas Part Two’ is an instrumental piece built around synthesiser and field recordings which attempts to recall vague memories of past family Christmas’s.
The recordings were taken in Christmas 2010 and include sounds of the indoor table game Bagatelle (Mayfield family tradition), a crackling log fire, Christmas dinner and the local pub. – Jacob

Yucca – At Christmas Part Two