4th December: ‘Owl and Mouse’ and Gavin Osborn

The Bottings are taking over. Bill Botting is in 50 bands including Moustache of Insanity, try Allo Darlin and Ocean Colour Scene and both of Bill’s sisters play the part of accused Witches on my forthcoming album ‘The Violence’. Hannah has her own project, ‘Owl and Mouse’ which

Tom at Fika also love’s Owl and Mouse so much so that she’ll be joining our line up on Wednesday (7th Dec) at the Betsey Trotwood, alongside Darren Hayman, Enderby’s Room and Rob Hillfield for our Christmas In Haworth party. – Darren H

Tom Fika says – “I really hope you enjoy this song – like many of Hannah’s songs, there’s that hint of early Allo Darlin’, with all the vulnerability that makes a tender song really just get you there…”

Owl and Mouse – Sandwich Day

Hannah, of Owl & Mouse, says:

This song is about the last Christmas I spent in Australia, and the friend I spent it with, who made me feel better about how much I was missing London.

Fingers crossed we’ll have something out from Owl & Mouse on Fika Recordings in the spring. In the meantime, you can download her first EP on the wonderful Haircut Records for just £1 here.

I’m getting to the age where I can’t remember where and when I met people. I can’t remember where and when I met Gavin Osborn now but it was something to do with Robin Ince I’ll wager.

Gavin exists in that gap between music and and comedy. He can be very, very funny and performs regularly alongside Daniel Kitson, Stewart Lee and Josie Long etc. However this description does him a disservice as sometimes his songs can rip your heart out with their serious emotional intent.

About three years ago I produced an album for him, well I think I did. It came out but he never gave me a copy. Bastard.


Gavin Osborn – Feels Like Christmas

Gavin: vocals and guitar
John Hare: piano and trumpet

– Darren

Tomorrow we present the songwriting debut of Josie Long!

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